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Settings data project for the TV-7/U , TV-7A/U , TV-7B/U , TV-7C/U , and TV-7D/U models of US and Canadian military tube testers.

updated July 5, 2002

Added Euro tubes section and some settings Well, here's the public release of the beta with over 3400 lines of settings . Holler back if you spot any errors or glitches or have any comments.
or tv-7_097.xls

I'll let you guys chew on it for a while and then I'll finish adding a few things like adapter info, etc.

DO NOT blindly attempt to print it out without printing a test page or two of each section and setting the parameters for YOUR printer because it will NOT print correctly. I haven't printed this one yet but for the settings data pages, try landscape orientation, like I used with the I-177 and TV-2 files. I'll choke the shit out of the next moron that bitches "I wasted 307 pages of paper" because it wasn't formatted properly for my 15 year old Banana 9 pin dot matrix printer.

First, it's a zip archive containing an Excel file.

If you don't have Microsoft's Excel, or have an old version, you can download a free viewer for 32bit Windows OS's from:

Please read the rest of this page before you simply "grab and run"...

I'd like to thank each of you that have contributed copies of the data that I'm going to use for the source material and the people taking the time to proof read some of the sections of the data. Thank you!

So far, here's a list of the manuals/changes/documentation that I have so far and have used for composing the electronic version of the TV-7 series data. :

TM 11-6625-274-12 dated June 14th of 1960 with changes thru C7 dated Jan 9th of 1984.
TM 11-6625-274-24P dated July 16th of 1979.
TM 11-6625-274-35 dated June 30th of 1960 with changes thru C5 dated March 30th of 1976.
TB 11-5083 (T.O. 33AA21-5-1) dated October 9th of 1957 with changes thru C4 dated June 16th or 1960.
TB 11-6625-274-12/1 (T.O. 33AA21-5-31) dated January 17th of 1962 revised with C1, C2, and C3.

The following supplements (commonly known as "Air Force" supplements):
T.O. 33AA21-5-31C dated January 15th of 1965
T.O. 33AA21-5-31E dated December 1st of 1965
T.O. 33AA21-5-31G dated February 15th of 1967
T.O. 33AA21-5-31H dated October 20th of 1969
T.O. 33AA21-5-31J dated November 5th of 1970
T.O. 33AA21-5-31K dated March 15th of 1972
T.O. 33AA21-5-31M dated May 1st of 1973
T.O. 33AA21-5-31P dated March 1st of 1975
T.O. 33AA21-5-31Q dated September 5th of 1975
T.O. 33AA21-5-31R dated June 15th of 1983
T.O. 33AA21-5-31S dated May 31st of 1985
T.O. 33AA21-5-31T dated December 15th of 1986

The following materials were used for adding listings for tube numbers not listed in any of the other materials and for verification of data:
Aero Electronics Limited (England) Valve Guide 10CV
Assorted settings data for the I-177 and TV-2 series testers in military publications.
AVO Valve Data Edition 14 for the CT-160 and VT-160
C.V. Register of Electronic Valves by the Technical Valve Committee 1963 with amendments thru # 14.
Dan (TV-7 Guru) Nelson's notes and settings for non listed tubes.
General Electric Tube Manual 14
Raytheon Tube Manual 1937
RCA Tube Manuals RC-10 , RC-11 , RC-13 , RC-23 , RC-26, RC-29 , TT-3 , TT-4 , TT-5
Service Valve and Semiconductor Equivalents 6th Edition (1967) by Radio Society of Great Britain
Sylvania Tube Manuals 1943 , 1947 , 1955
"Tube Lore" by Ludwell Sibley, in addition to scanned data that he was kind enough to send me.
United States Armed Forces Cross Index of Electron Tube Types (August 1950)

What I Still Need:

First, a manual for the military contract Hickok 1704 adapter, similar to the CA-5.

Information on the Canadian Stark EC and ED adapters for the TV-7 .

A pinout of the 7 pin nuvistor to octal adapter for the TV-7.

If you have any TV-7* tester data other than what I have listed above as having in my possession, I'd really appreciate it if you'd contact me so that it can be included in the electronic version that I'm doing. There's a few gaps in my data as far as the T.O. 33AA21-5-31x changes/supplements go that I'd like to fill. I don't want or need your originals. Nice sharp and clear photocopies are what I'm looking for.


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