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TV-4*/U Series Tube Tester Data Project

updated 7/5/02

Over 1000 lines of data have been typed in.

Anyone that wants to proof read, download it and do it...

Current download beta is

Some months back I acquired a compact little TV-4A/U military emission type tube tester and I like the little fella... It was built by Weston and has a serial number in the 4900 range with an MFP date of March of 1953. Since the majority of the work on the TV-7* project is done and I'm basically waiting for feedback from the users on problems, typos, etc to correct, I have some free time. I'm now starting on the creation of an electronic version of the settings data for the little TV-4 series. This little tube tester is part of the AN/USM-3A test set.

As of right now, I've accumulated enough information on the little beast to get the project off of the ground. I'm still looking for copies of manuals and settings data for it that I don't have. Please email me with a list of what you have. Odds are that I already have it but you never know. I'd like to arrange getting scans or copies of it from you if it's something that I don't already have.

I also have some documentation on the Weston model 685 type 3A tube tester which looks like the TV-4* and appears to work just fine for this tester. But, the 685 type 3A is lacking the nine pin sockets and a few others that the TV-4A/U that I have has due to it's age. In addition, the schematic shows a different tube and no mention is made of the capacitor testing function of the TV-4A/U and judging from the tube types listed predates the one I have by a decade or more. I suspect that there are other earlier design Weston "commercial" tube testers that share the same setting info. If so, I'd like to include their model numbers in this project to help the people that have those models with settings for newer tubes than their current data lists.

I'm also going to need a few more people to act as proof readers as the project progresses. Don't worry, I'm doing all of the typing, I just need people to compare what I've typed to the settings data that is on their cards or in their documentation and look for omissions or errors.

This project will be done with Office 2000's version of Excel in Excel Workbook format.

If you don't have Microsoft's Excel, or have an old version, you can download a free viewer for 32bit Windows OS's from:



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