Note: This site and the data it contains have been reposted from an archive of Nolan Lee's original web site by Steve Johnson.

I-177 I-177-A I-177-B Tube Tester Data

Updated July 5, 2002

The current version is now i177
or i177 108.xls

If you don't have Microsoft's Excel, or have an old version, you can download a free viewer for 32bit Windows OS's from:

Email me if you run into any problems with this version that you didn't have with the earlier versions or find any typos or other things that shouldn't be. I'm still looking for additional source material for the data. Please check my list below or on the cover page of the settings file and see if you have something that wasn't included.

I also would like some input on my chart example at the bottom of this page. The only Hickok design tube testers of this vintage that I own are I-177's. I have an I-177, a pair of I-177B's and a three of the MX-949A adapter boxes. If some of you guys that own models of the older Hickok models listed below would contact me, we can determine the socket mapping of those testers abd how they cross ref to the I-177 type and I'd generate a chart and add it to the data file.

I have the following I-177 series publications that I've drawn data from for this project:

TM 11-2627 (August 3, 1944)
TM 11-2627 Change 1, also known as T.O. 16-40-I-177-5 (October 24, 1945)
TM 11-2627 Change 2, also know as T.O. 16-40-I-177-6 (August 1, 1949)
TM 11-2627 Temporary Supplement (March 18, 1952)
TM 11-2627 Change 3, also known as T.O. 16-40-I-177-5 (March 5, 1954)

Hickok Tube Data Book for AC-51-AC51X-T53-510X-530 (11-1943)
TB 11-2627-2 (October 30, 1946)
TB 11-2627-2 (April 7, 1949)
TB 11-2627-2 (June 11, 1951)
TB 11-2627-2, also knwn as TO 16-40I 177-6 (October 16, 1952)
I-177 Data Book from Bigelow Electronics (July 18, 1954)
Hickok Data Book 3200-16 (March 1955 reprint)
TB 11-2627-2 Change 5, also known as TO 33AA21-1-3 (March 19, 1957)
T.O. 33AA21-1-4 (May 20, 1955) June 1958 reprint/reissue

In addition to the ballast tube data, shorts section, some of the tube information came from:

Hickok Manual for the 510X , circa 1938
Hickok Manual for the 510X, circa 1942
Hickok Manual for the 530B , circa 1943
Hickok Manual for the 560 , circa 1943

Hickok Roll Chart for the 560 of unknown vintage

An interesting thing that may come in handy to certain people, is that the settings data between the I-177 series military tube tester and the Hickok commercial models AC-51 , 51X , T53 , 510X , 530 , 531 , 540 , 550X , 560 , 560SPL , and KS9237 appear to be interchangeable within the socket differences of the testers. I don't have access to any of these models so I'm not 100% sure that the data will freely interchange between these and/or other models but it looks like it should come close. Verify it for yourself before you try it though by comparing the socket numbers used and settings between this data and any existing data that you have. You're totally on your own as far as this is concerned, so if you blow a 45 or your tester or put an eye out or something, don't come bitching to me that I owe you an eye, a tube, tester, etc.

You'll need to figure out a little chart like the one below if you're going to use the data with testers other than the I-177 series. The chart below is an example of a concept only. I have no idea of it's accuracy other than the I-177 column, which is correct. You will need to make your own chart for which ever sockets your tester uses. Don't ask me for help, I don't own any testers of this vintage except for my I-177B's. I do know that some testers won't have all of the sockets that the I-177 series uses so that any data that calls for a socket letter that you don't have won't work on your tester.

I-177 Socket A = 545 4 Pin = blah blah
I-177 Socket B = 545 5 Pin = blah blah
I-177 Socket C = 545 6 Pin = blah blah
I-177 Socket D = 545 7 Pin = blah blah
I-177 Socket E = 545 Octal (black) = 550X Octal (black)
I-177 Socket F = 545 Loctal = blah blah
I-177 Socket G = 545 Octal (ivory) = 550X Octal (red)
I-177 Socket H = 545 7 pin min (black) = 550X 7 pin min (black)
I-177 Socket K = 545 7 pin min (red) = 550X 7 pin min (red)
I-177 Socket L = 545 7 pin min (ivory) = 550X 7 pin min (ivory)
I-177 Socket M = 545 Acorn socket = blah blah
I-177 Socket O = 545 Bantam socket = blah blah


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